“If I just dig faster, I’ll get out of this hole.”

This is the third is a series of four articles this week about wine writing. Read “What’s next for wine writing?” Read “Who writes about wine?

A traditional way of making money writing about wine is by freelancing. This is, in essence, writing articles by commission.

Below, I describe what this looks like both for people interested in freelancing as well as those who want a peek behind the curtain. I describe the freelance model, the two main ways writers are paid, some of the challenges making money freelancing, and the timing of compensation. I also give some general thoughts.

This comes from someone who spent almost 15 years as a freelance writer. I do very little freelance work at present, as almost my entire income comes from subscriptions to this site. (Thank you subscribers!)

The freelance model

The model for freelance wine writing is simple. It looks like this:

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