Hello everyone, in the proud tradition of local Seattle area radio stations like KEXP and KUOW, I am having a Spring Subscriber Drive. No, you won’t be getting a tote bag you don’t want or a mug that you don’t need with my logo emblazoned on it. Instead, you’ll be getting a subscription to Northwest Wine Report!

Subscriptions to Northwest Wine Report are available at the Consumer, Commercial (winery, retailer, distributor, PR company), and Enterprise level. They are available on an annual or a monthly basis. You can read about each of these subscriptions here as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Subscriptions provide access to wine reviews, a searchable database of reviews, and other subscriber-only content. This includes specific articles as well as content like the 2005-present growing season summaries for Washington.

In June of last year, I detailed why I moved the site to being partially subscription-based. I also explained why much of the content at Northwest Wine Report remains freely available.

To summarize the latter, I believe it’s in the best interests of the industry if more people are reading about the goings on in the Pacific Northwest rather than less. Therefore, I have tried to keep as much of the site freely accessible as possible, even though I am doing so at my own expense.

That said, this site is my main source of income. I can only keep it going if it is financially sustainable. Additionally, I don’t have the luxury of long runway to meet the site’s financial goals.

Bottom line, if you have not subscribed already and you find value in this site, I ask you to subscribe today. Subscriptions are the cost of a cup of coffee and a crumpet per month. While subscriptions to date have greatly exceeded my expectations, I still need to continue to grow the site if it is going to continue.

Over the course of this quarter (April through June), I’ll be evaluating my future plans for Northwest Wine Report. Whether this site continues and which direction it goes will depend in large part on you! I will only be able to continue with the site if I have the subscriber support to do so.

So, again, please subscribe. To those who have already, my sincerest thanks! Please encourage your Northwest wine-loving friends to do the same.

Northwest Wine Report is wholly subscriber funded. Please subscribe to support continued independent content and reviews on this site. It is the only way that the site will be able to continue.

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