Photograph by Richard Duval

Over the next series of weeks, I will be rolling out a group of pages with growing season, vintage, and other information for Washington. I am starting today with a series of growing season summaries. The summaries range from 2005 to the present.

The information provided includes:

Vintage – The year

Tons produced – How many tons of grapes were produced

In a Nutshell – A quick and dirty summary of the season in a few words

Growing Season Summary – A one paragraph summary of the season

How the Wines Present – My thoughts on how the wines from the particular vintage present in the glass

Articles – Links to articles I have written (2010–present) on the growing season in question, including harvest summaries, production, qualitative assessments, and other information

You can see an example of what this looks like below for the 2019 growing season. The table with the 2005 to 2023 vintages is here. It is also listed from the main menu under a new listing: “Resources->Vintage Information.” (Wineries, submission information/forms that were previously listed under the main menu have been moved under “Resources.”)

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