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Twelve months ago, I rebranded this site to Northwest Wine Report from Washington Wine Report, which it had been since 2004. Over the last year, the site has started to move toward the direction I envisioned: providing news, information, and feature article coverage of the Pacific Northwest wine industry along with wine reviews. That said, there is still a good ways to go.

Since rebranding and focusing on this site full-time, I’ve written 154 articles here and reviewed just under 1,000 wines. I’ll include some highlighted articles from the last 12 months below.

Three and a half months ago, I also moved Northwest Wine Report to a partially subscription-based site, as I’d telegraphed I would when I did the rebranding. Wine reviews and a searchable database of reviews are now paywalled. You can read more about that change and why I made it.

To those of you who have subscribed, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I couldn’t be doing what I am doing now without you, truly.

To those who have not yet subscribed but are planning to, now is the time! I very much need your support.

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I will be as blunt as I can be. The only way that this site will still be going at this time next year is if enough people subscribe.

Writing about Pacific Northwest wine over the last 20 years has been the great privilege of my life. There is truly nothing else that I would rather be doing than what I am doing here, right now, telling the stories of this industry and its wines.

That said, I’m of an age now, if I wasn’t already some years ago, that I can’t afford to not make money at what I do or have my wife carry so much of the financial load. So, again, if you find value here in what I have written over the last year or the previous nineteen and a half, please consider subscribing if you have not already.

Regardless of whether you are just finding this site today or have been following my writing over the last nearly 20 years, I thank you for reading. It is my sincere hope that you’ll continue to follow along in the months and years ahead.

Highlighted articles from the last 12 months

Columbia Winery closing Woodinville tasting room

An interview with Lynn Penner-Ash, co-founder of Penner-Ash Wine Cellars: Part I

Ste Michelle CEO David Dearie resigns, company realigns into three commercial divisions

Washington wine pioneer and visionary Allen Shoup, 79, passes away

Paula Renee Eakin, sparkling winemaker at Ste Michelle Wine Estates, dies at 52

An interview with David Adelsheim, Willamette Valley pioneer and founder of Adelsheim Vineyard: Part I

Carole Viney, assistant to six presidents at Chateau Ste Michelle, retires after 45 years at the company

Wautoma Springs offers a lesson on how to start a winery

The Year in Review & Current Trends in Washington Wine, 2023

Sparkling wines are bubbling up in Washington Part I: Appellations & varieties

Dick Erath, Willamette Valley pioneer, passes away at 87

‘First Ladies Of Washington Wine’ event raises $35,000

What’s next for Willamette Valley’s Sokol Blosser

What ChatGPT gets right – and wrong – about Washington wine

An auspicious start for Walla Walla’s Prospice

What the sale of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars means for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Northwest wine

Walla Walla and Red Mountain test cases for eastern Washington glass recycling

Beyond categorization – Christophe Baron’s Bionic Wines

Last Man Standing: Charles Sleicher of Associated Vintners

Ste. Michelle informs growers of 40% decrease in grape need

What changes at Ste. Michelle might mean for the Washington wine industry

A look at Quilceda Creek’s new winemaking team and beyond

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