The Washington wine industry continues to surge: new wineries are opening almost daily (at last count, the number is over 900) and vineyard planting is on the rise as well. You can easily see newly planted vines dotting the Red Mountain landscape as well as expansion in the Walla Walla Valley. Perhaps the most ambitious project in the latter area is Éritage Vineyards, spearheaded by Justin Wylie from Va Piano Vineyards.

As part of the recent Celebrate Walla Walla event, resident photographer Richard Duval toured the Éritage site. “With work well underway preparing the 180-acre vineyard, Wylie’s plan is to use the acreage to create one or more Walla Walla Valley-designated brands as well as to sell fruit to local wineries,” said Duval. “With its views of the sweeping hills of neighboring farmlands and vineyards – Spring Valley’s bucolic site is scant minutes to the east – Éritage will be a powerful addition to the already energetic Walla Walla wine experience.”

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