Spring has sprung in Washington wine country, and the onset of the sun is the starting flag for resident photographer Richard Duval. On a recent two-day shoot of the Lake Chelan AVA, he spied serious growth on both sides of the lake. Particularly riveting is Mellisoni Vineyards on the lake’s south side.

“Surely one of the most beautifully daunting vineyards and views in the state, Mellisoni is sculpted like the famed terraced vineyards of Italy’s Cinque Terre, which I photographed a few years ago,” noted Duval. “Thanks to a malfunctioning ATV, I was able to hike down to the winery with owners Rob and Donna Mellisoni. When Rob stopped to attend to some budding vines, I captured vineyard and view. I plan a return trip to capture what must be a challenging harvest.”

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