The September issue of Seattle Metropolitan magazine is now in stores and features this year’s list of the Top 100 Washington wines.

A few words about how I compiled the list this year. As stated in the article, wineries were allowed to send in a maximum of five wines, one in each of the following categories: one $15 or less; one $25 or less; one $25–$50; one $50 or higher; and one white wine of any price. Alternately, if wineries were submitting in only one category, they could submit two wines. Wines were then rated and were subsequently ranked in various sublists based on score, price, and overall excitement about the wine.

Due to the large number of submissions – more than 1,000 wines – and also the high quality of the 2012 vintage, there were a (very) large number of exceptional wines that did not make this year’s list. This year simply has an embarrassment of riches in Washington.

The list will be available on-line shortly. Enjoy!