Throughout Washington you can find pockets of growth – recent plantings that speak to the ever-expanding demand for Washington wine grapes. Resident photographer Richard Duval, crisscrossing the state’s wine regions this month, captured this image from Red Mountain, home to Quintessence Vineyard.

Dominating the east side of Red Mountain, picturesque Quintessence has steadily expanded right up to the AVA’s eastern border. “The Quintessence team meticulously maintains this amazing vineyard that produces much in demand grapes by some of Washington’s leading wineries,” noted Duval. “Part of that work is planting new vines to meet the growing demand. This view of the dozens of rows of one-year old vines is representative of our hard-working growers and the future of Washington grape production.”

Click on the picture to see a larger image. Enjoy!

Note: Text and image altered after original publication.