I want to touch briefly on how to keep up with what I am writing about Northwest wine in addition to what is appearing in this space.

I frequently post information about wines I’m sampling for Wine Enthusiast as well as personal bottles on my Washington Wine Report Facebook page. I encourage you to follow this page if you are not already. Additionally, I also tweet about various goings on at twitter.com/wawinereport.

My reviews of Washington (and Idaho) wines as well as feature and other articles appear regularly in Wine Enthusiast magazine. While I encourage you to subscribe to the magazine, these are also all freely available on-line (Note: Wine Enthusiast is currently updating its content management system so things should be easier to find in the near future if all goes well).

I write a weekly wine pick as well as occasional other on-line articles for Seattle Metropolitan’s Nosh Pit blog. I also write a monthly wine pick in the magazine as well as the magazine’s annual Top 100 Washington wines issue, which typically comes out in September. You can follow all of my writing for Seattle Metropolitan here: seattlemet.com/producers/sean-p-sullivan

I am the Northwest correspondent for Vineyard & Winery Management, a trade magazine, and have regular articles that appear there. While this is a subscription-based magazine (and a good one if you are in the trade), you can also read .pdf copies of these articles on my publications page.  

Finally, I do occasional writing for Edible SeattleWashington Tasting Room Magazine, and other outlets. I will continue to post in this space when articles come out. As always, see a complete list of publications, most with web our download links here.