As we start off the New Year, I want to write about plans for 2015 and what you can expect to see in this space. Without further ado.

1. All Washington wine reviews and scores will be now published in Wine Enthusiast magazine

Now that I have posted reviews for all of the wines that were received at Washington Wine Report prior to October 1st when my responsibilities at Wine Enthusiast changed, all formal reviews and scores of Washington wines will now be published in Wine Enthusiast as opposed to in this space (see my list of Wine Enthusiast coverage areas). I encourage you to subscribe to the magazine. However, these reviews are also freely available at, the magazine’s website.

2. All published Wine Enthusiast reviews will be re-published to this space

Once Wine Enthusiast reviews have been published on-line, I will post a summary listing of these reviews in this space. My intention in doing so is to make these reviews readily accessible in a single location.

3. Impressionistic notes on Washington wines to be posted here

Going forward, for some Washington wines I sample for Wine Enthusiast, I will be posting impressionistic notes here if the reviews of the wines have not already been published in the magazine. These notes will differ from those that will be published in Wine Enthusiast and they will not have any type of score or rating attached to them. Again, all scores and reviews for Washington wines will now be in Wine Enthusiast. The intention of these notes will be to provide some information about wines I found particularly interesting and/or to accompany relevant articles.

4. Wines from other regions will be rated using the five star system

Wines from regions outside of Washington, such as Oregon, will continue to be reviewed here using the star rating system I have used previouslyWine Enthusiast reviews will, of course, use the 100-point system.

5. ‘Northwest Wines of the Week’ post

I will be writing a new, regular column titled ‘Northwest Wines of the Week’. This will be a listing of wines from recent tastings that have stood out using impressionistic notes as described above. This is intended to be a weekly listing but it may be less frequent depending on wine submissions, time, etc.

6. Articles on Northwest wines and wineries

I intend to continue to write articles about Northwest wineries in this space as I have in the past, both to provide information about new wineries as well as to give updates on existing wineries. These articles may (or may not) have impressionistic notes on wines or may include Wine Enthusiast scores if they have already been published.

7. Northwest wine round-ups

I will continue to provide regular round-ups of Northwest wine articles published elsewhere as I have done in the past.

8. Blog redesign?

I have long wanted to do a redesign of this site. I hope to make that happen this year if possible.

* * *

Of course, as I make no money directly from this site, all of this will be done as time permits. I had previously written about my intention to charge a subscription for the site but postponed doing so for a variety of reasons. It’s possible I might revisit this in the future but for now all content will remain freely available.

Finally, as this space undergoes some changes, I encourage you to follow the Washington Wine Report Facebook page. I post regularly on wines I am particularly excited about there as well as on other matters. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Please let me know if you have any questions.