Folks, I had to close down last week’s poll on Washington’s signature grape as the Blogger poll widget loses votes faster than Florida! I have subsequently relocated the poll to my Washington Wine Report Facebook page. See the poll results and vote here: 

The choices:

Umm….It’s Cabernet Sauvignon.
Grenache. Clearly.
Move over Argentina. It’s Malbec.
Screw sideways! Merlot!
Who needs one grape when we have blends?
Riesling Rules!
Is there any question? It’s Syrah.
Viva la Espana! Tempranillo.
Signature smignature. We don’t need one.

Don’t see your favorite Washington grape listed or have thoughts on the subject? Leave a comment on the original post here. Note that I have closed comments on today’s post to keep all of the comments about the topic in a single location.