Old school! Recent print articles and Email Subscription Issue

The new edition of Wine & Jazz magazine, Vintage 3 Track 2, has an article I wrote about Prosser's Vintners Village. Check it out on newstands now. Read other recent print articles here.

Also, email subscribers should note that there was an issue this last week with emails getting sent out. See yesterday's email for these articles or click on the links below.

Why I Am Voting No on Initiative 1183 (And Why You Should Too)
Focusing on Initiative 1183 Part IV: Safety Issues
Washington Wine Round-up October 15th to 21st 2011
Focusing on Initiative 1183 Part III - Miscellaneous
Focusing on Initiative 1183 Part II: Central Warehousing
2011 Harvest Report - October 20th Edition

Sean P. Sullivan

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