Ok folks, preliminary voting for the 2010 Reader Survey Wine of the Year and 2011 Wine to Watch has begun! Use the surveys on the right-hand side of the blog to cast your vote. Those receiving these posts via email, go to www.wawinereport.com to vote.

A few notes about the nominees. I eliminated nominations that did not contain a vintage date, as well as any wines from back vintages. While I planned to cap the list at 60 wines, I let it expand to 70 in the interests of inclusion. Also, due to the number of entries, I am changing the rules to allow people to vote for any three nominees in each category (as opposed to two).

Below are the dates for the preliminary voting and the final voting. Enjoy!

Tuesday 12/7 to Saturday 12/11 9pm
Vote for any three wines in both categories from those wines nominated (2010 Wine of the Year and 2011 Wine to Watch).

Sunday 12/12 to Thursday 12/16 9pm
Vote for any one of the finalists.

The complete list of nominees in the preliminary round is below.

Nominees Reader Survey Wine of the Year 2010

Côte Bonneville Syrah 05
Boudreaux Merlot 06
Buty Columbia Rediviva 06
Cote Bonneville C House 06
Kiona Lemberger 06
Forgeron Zinfandel 06
Reininger Carmenere 06
21 Grams 07
Adams Bench RW Cab 07
Adams Bench V 07
A Nicole Jet Black Syrah 07
Andrew Will Champoux 07
Andrew Will Sorella 07
Barrage Trifecta 07
Barrister Barrister’s Block 07
Betz Besoleil 07
Betz Père de Famille 07
Betz La Côte Patriarche 07
Bookwalter Conflict 07
Cayuse Cailloux 07
Cooper L’inizio 07
Cote Bonneville Chard 07
DesVoigne Montreaux 07
Doubleback Cabernet 07
Edmonds Bentley 07
Edmonds Rob’t D 07
Efeste Big Papa 07
Efeste Ceidleigh 07
Efeste Final Final 07
El Corazon Supernova 07
Fidelitas Boushey RW 07
Fielding Hills Cab Franc 07
Fielding Hills Cabernet 07
Gorman The Bully Cab 07
Gramercy Lagniappe Syrah 07
Grand Reve Reserve Cab 07
Long Shadows “Feather” 07
Quilceda Creek Cabernet 07
Quilceda Creek Palengat 07
Quilceda Creek Red Wine 07
Rasa QED Syrah 07
Robert Karl Inspiration 07
Robert Ramsay Cab 07
Robert Ramsay Mourvedre 07
Rotie Southern Blend 07
Rulo Syrah 07
Syzygy Cabernet 07
Tamarack Du Brul 07
Tero Estates Cabernet 07
Waters Forgotten Hills 07
Whitestone Vincent 07
Wood Wine Res Cab 07
Woodward Cab Old Vines 07
Woodward Merlot 07
Abeja House Red 08
A Nicole Members Only 08
A Nicole Quarry Butte 08
A Nicole Viognier 08
Bartholomew Sauv Blanc 08
Buty Sem/SB/Musc 08
Dowsett Devotion 08
Grand Reve Grenache (V) 08
Maison B AR Grenache 08
Maison B Boushey Syrah 08
Mark Ryan WE Syrah 08
Reynvaan In The Rocks 08
Rotie Southern Blend 08
A Nicole Marsanne 09
Buty Sem/SB/Musc 09
Woodward Chard 09

Nominees Reader Survey Wine to Watch 2011

Corliss Syrah 06
Sleeping Dog Malbec 07
Adams Bench Reckoning 08
A Nicole Jet Black Syrah 08
Cayuse GOK 08
Edmonds Bentley 08
Edmonds Rob’t D 08
Efeste Tough Guy 08
Figgins Red Wine 08
Grand Reve V 08
Kontos Syrah 08
R Ramsay Mourvedre 08
W Church Cabernet 08
W Church Two Spires 08
A Nicole Mr Big P Sirah 09
Cedar River Bella Bella Syrah 09
Kerloo Grenache 09
Kerloo Syrah WWV 09
Kerloo LC Syrah 09
Kerloo Malbec 09
Reynvaan Stonesscence 09
Three Rivers P Verdot 09