Well folks, another year and another Reader Survey – now the 3rd annual – has gone by. Before formally announcing this year’s winners, let me thank all those who sent in nominations and took part in the voting.

My intention in starting the Reader Survey three years ago was to hear about what Washington wines my readers thought were most exciting from the year gone by and what wines they were most excited about in the coming year. This goal remains.

Of course, it is unfortunately nearly impossible to maintain the integrity of the survey, as some readers and wineries marshal forces to support specific wines (which is of course perfectly fine), and some people inevitably determine ways to vote multiple times. Despite this, many readers have told me they enjoy the survey, and this remains a reader survey – a survey for you.

Each year the most interesting thing for me is to see is the list of wines nominated – what people have liked and have been excited enough about to pick above others. This year, as in previous years, the list of nominated wines comprises an excellent list of the best of the best in Washington. See the complete list of nominees here.

This year, two wineries rose to the top in the survey – with the same wineries coming in first and second in both the 2010 Wine of the Year and 2011 Wine to Watch voting. I will first list the winners and then talk a bit about each winery and wine. See the final voting tally at the bottom of the post.

2010 Washington Wine Report Reader Survey Wine of the Year

Adams Bench Cabernet Sauvignon Red Willow Vineyard Yakima Valley 2007

2010 Washington Wine Report Reader Survey Wine of the Year Runner-up

Reynvaan Family Vineyards In the Rocks Syrah Walla Walla Valley 2008

2011 Washington Wine Report Reader Survey Wine to Watch

Adams Bench Reckoning Red Wine 2008

2011 Washington Wine Report Reader Survey Wine to Watch Runner Up

Reynvaan Family Vineyards Stonessence Syrah Walla Walla Valley 2009

First, a bit about Adams Bench.

Adams Bench, located in Woodinville, Washington, was founded by Tim and Erica Blue. The winery is named after the school bench where students were sent as punishment when Tim was a boy in Indiana.

Adams Bench displays a consistent style of big, dense, tannin-filled wines. The winery makes a very small production of about 1,000 cases and focuses on a limited number of wines. While Chris Camarda of Andrew Will Winery consulted for the winery when the Blues started out, Tim has winemaker responsibilities and has shown a skilled touch with these wines.

Perhaps most impressive, the Adams Bench wines continue to get better and better with each vintage. This type of continual improvement and focus is a rarity and is a tribute to Blue’s focus on what he wants to do stylistically and his quest for excellence.

While the Adams Bench wines have always been very well made, the 2007 vintage releases are a revelation, squarely putting the winery into the upper echelon of wineries in the state. In no case is this clearer than with the 2007 Red Willow Cabernet Sauvignon – the 2010 Reader Survey Wine of the Year.

Red Willow stands among Washington’s finest vineyards, and the 2007 Adams Bench Red Willow Cabernet Sauvignon a beautiful expression of this site. Tim and Erica Blue described this wine best in their release letter back in February:

“Are all wines improved by blending? No. Sometimes a vineyard delivers something perfect, a jewel, complete unto itself—and so special there is no improving it with blending. In 2007, one block in one vineyard—Red Willow Vineyard–became for us a most wonderful 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a wine so special we’ve preserved it utterly pure and untouched.”

While I have not reviewed this wine in this space (I have elsewhere), I can say that it is nothing short of an exceptional expression of Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon and is certainly among the best wines to come out of the excellent 2007 Vintage.

The 2011 Reader Survey Wine to Watch – the 2008 Adams Bench Reckoning – is one of the winery’s Bordeaux-style blends. More information on this wine and its expected release date shortly.

On to Reynvaan Family Vineyards…

Reynvaan Family Vineyards made an extremely impressive entrance onto the Washington wine scene almost exactly one year ago. The winery, located in Walla Walla, was founded in 2004. In the ensuing years, the Reynvaan family planted their estate vineyards and waited patiently for their first fruit.

One of these vineyards, called In the Rocks, is located (no surprise here) in the Rocks region of the Walla Walla Valley. Vigneron Christophe Baron of Cayuse Vineyards put the Rocks region of the valley on the map with his standout Syrahs – consistently among the most highly rated in the world.

In recent years, dozens of other wineries such as Reynvaan have followed suit, planting numerous vineyards in this area. While many have shown impressive results, none have the advantage that winemaker Matt Reynvaan at Reynvaan Family Vineyards does – having Baron as consulting viticulturalist and enologist. Baron has worked with the Reynvaan family at every step.

The results are nothing short of extraordinary, easily among the best wines in the state. Though the Reynvaan wines are reminiscent of the Cayuse style – certainly more so than any other Washington wines out there – they also bear the unique stamp of the of winery and the vineyards they come from.

The 2007 vintage wines, released in November of 2009, were all standouts. However, the wines from the 2008 vintage, released in November, were a gigantic leap forward. These wines, including the 2008 Reynvaan Family Vineyards In the Rocks Syrah – the 2010 Reader Survey Wine of the Year Runner-up – were each among the most exciting wines I tasted this year (see review here).

In 2011, Reynvaan Family Vineyards will be adding a fourth wine to its lineup – the 2009 Stonessence Syrah, which is our 2011 Reader Survey Wine to Watch Runner-up. This wine is 100% Syrah from a single clone from the In the Rocks Vineyard. Tasting this wine in November, it is again another significant advancement for the winery – bold and quite stylistically unique from their previous offerings. This wine is currently available via futures and will be released in November of 2011.

Again, thanks to all who took the time to vote in this year’s survey and happy holidays!

Final Voting – 2010 Wine of the Year

Adams Bench RW Cab 07 127 (45%)
Reynvaan In The Rocks 08 112 (40%)
Adams Bench V 07 39 (14%)
Votes: 278

Final Voting – 2011 Wine to Watch

Adams Bench Reckoning 08 107 (41%)
Reynvaan Stonesscence 09 85 (32%)
Grand Reve V 08 43 (16%)
Efeste Tough Guy 08 24 (9%)
Votes: 259

Note: Several readers brought to my attention that the Grand Reve Collaboration Series V 2008 was released in November of this year. My apologies for its inclusion in the voting.