As a rule, I don’t use this space to promote specific Washington wine events. Today, however, I am making an exception (Don’t ask. I don’t plan to make more any time soon).

20Something – The New Vintage – takes place on Saturday November 20th at Fremont Studios. The event features seventy-five wineries, food from local chefs, and KEXP DJ Derek Mazzone. The event will also feature a ‘Geek Lounge’ where aromas, flavors, and flaws will be discussed in an interactive fashion. The event is aimed, as the name would suggest, at Millennials.

Why do I think this event is important? People aged 21 to 30 are one of the fastest growing segments of wine drinkers. According to the Wine Market Council, this group makes up 21% of core wine consumers, people who drink wine at least three times per week. Another 20 million millennials reach legal drinking age in the next five years.

I believe that it is critical to capture the imagination of this age group. If these individuals become wine lovers in their twenties, they can be expected to be wine lovers for life. And wouldn’t it be cool if they became Washington wine lovers for life?

20Something is an official event through the Washington Wine Commission. See a list of wineries that will be represented here and restaurants here. Tickets are $50 per person or $90 for two and can be purchased here. Tickets for this event are expected to be sold out by week’s end.