Locati Cellars (WWSR 2010)

What follows is a section of my 2010 Walla Walla Spring Release Report. The report will be published in its entirety in .pdf form after the last entry is posted to the blog. See previous posts here.

Locati Cellars is a new Walla Walla winery which opened in December of 2009. The winery, named after owners Michael and Penny Locati, focuses on Italian varietals. Locati's tasting room is located in The Depot building right off Highway 12 in Walla Walla.

While Locati has sourced fruit for its initial offerings, the winery has a thirty-seven acre estate vineyard, nine of which are currently planted to Barbera and Sangiovese. The vineyard is now in its third leaf.

Locati’s initial offerings have been made by consulting winemakers.

Locati Cellars makes 1,000 cases annually.

Note: This article was revised after publication due to inaccuracies regarding the size and plantings of the estate vineyard as well as the winery's future plans for the position of winemaker. See the comment thread.

Locati Cellars Sangiovese Columbia Valley 2006 $26

Rating: * (Excellent) Earth, pepper, red currant, and cranberry on an aromatic wine that also shows a bit of baker’s chocolate. Zippy acidity with a lot of cranberry flavors on a somewhat puckering palate. 100% Sangiovese. Candy Mountain.

Locati Cellars Innovation Columbia Valley 2007 $25

Rating: + (Good) Light in color. Bright and fruit filled with cranberries, red cherries, a touch of earth, and some candied aromas. Tart with rich chocolate flavors and cranberry fruit on the palate. An enjoyable, clean wine. 54% Barbera (Lonesome Springs Vineyard), 33% Cabernet Sauvignon (Goose Ridge), and 13% Sangiovese (Candy Mountain).

Locati Cellars Barbera Columbia Valley 2006 $26

Rating: + (Good) Bright, candied red fruit and red currant along with black tea. A very tart palate that shows lots of cranberry flavors. Lonesome Springs Vineyard.

Sean P. Sullivan


  1. You might want to check on your sources, some of the info in this article is incorrect. I've read your articles for some time and have learned a great deal through your posts, but sadly this article contains errors. Specifically on the vineyard varietals and consulting winemaker.

  2. Anon, thanks for the heads up. I aim to provide accurate information, so this concerns me.

    Can you be more specific regarding the vineyard varietal inaccuracies? Was this the varietals planted at the estate vineyard or the vineyard sources referenced in the tasting notes?

    Regarding an inaccuracy regarding the wines being made by a consulting winemaker, I have additional information about who started and finished these wines but did not include it as I was unable to receive confirmation from the winery that this information was public. For this reason, I made the information in the piece more generic.

    Feel free to email me at wawinereport@gmail.com if it's easier to discuss and I will make appropriate changes. Thanks again.

  3. Absolutely I will get you the appropriate information compiled in an email and send it your way! Thanks for the quick reply.

  4. Every blogger, including the old fart for the newspaper, makes unintentional oversights.

    Crap, you think you can blog with dead accuracy on a consistent basis for no pay? I'd like to see it. Prove it. Has never been done so lead the way, "anonymous". Chicken crap comment if ever I read one. Go and drink beer...

  5. WWM, thanks for having my back. Fear not, the comment was well intended and I got details to fix the piece.

  6. WWM I most definitely meant the comment to have the best intentions. I didn't want any possible negative comments to incur because of false info. It's hard to portray voice tone, but I assure you this anonymous reader was looking out for this sites best interests! :-)

  7. And PLEASE let this not reflect on the winemaker, Winery or vineyard because they are excellent wines to be appreciated by all.

  8. Anon 3:13, don't worry. I think it just reflects on me!


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