From the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference, a list of truly random thoughts:

Far less drunken absurdity than last year’s conference. Must have been all those Californians!

In terms of people I spoke with and met, there seemed to be more bloggers this year as opposed to industry types.

Oregon Pinot Noir is excellent. I was accused of having Pinot Envy, and I can’t deny it.

Amazed to not have live stream going for the conference.

Never cease to be impressed at how Walla Walla rises as a community for an occasion.

Never cease to be impressed by fellow blogger Catie from Through the Walla Walla Grapevine.

Surprised at the decision to have a keynote speech during dinner after last year’s fiasco. Impressed at how Lettie Teague met the challenge with aplomb.

In Steve Heimoff’s keynote he stated that the rift between bloggers and professional writers in the wine world centered around the ‘Rockaway’ incident. I believe it has more to do with a mutual lack of respect shown by many or perhaps a mutual respect that expresses itself as lack of respect?

The 2007 Amavi Cellars Les Collines Syrah and 2007 Woodward Canyon Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon are among the best wines produced from this exceptional vintage.

Wine bloggers are an interesting mix of hobbyists who spend small amounts of time on their blogs and devoted fanatics who spend large amounts of time and everything in between.

Surprised to have heard some grumbling from wineries who didn’t see the value of engaging with wine bloggers.

Few are doing it better in Washington or elsewhere than Caleb Foster at Buty.

If there is one thing bloggers have learned from the print media, it’s writing top ten lists.

The taco truck tasting was a great idea.

Many years after the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, serious issues remain.

Wish we had more opportunity to sample more Washington wine from more areas (Please note: I would have written this no matter how much wine was poured from whatever number of areas).

Amazed at how much discussion there was about what the right way is to write/blog/etc.

Surprised at how difficult it is to get a vegetarian meal sometimes.

Loved the focus on recycling at the conference.

Thinking about enrolling in Whitman so I could listen to Kevin Pogue lecture every day.

Impressed by how many bloggers woke up early for the morning sessions. Perhaps this had something to do with my first point above.

Wine bloggers seem to love chasing their tails as much as dogs do.

Perhaps next year the Wine Blogger Awards should include a category: Best Wine Blog About Wine Blogging?

The sheer physical beauty of the Walla Walla Valley takes my breath away every time.