Let it be known that the first wine I drank in my fourth decade was not only a white wine, it was a Chardonnay. It just goes to show that there is always time to turn over a new leaf.

Tranche Cellars is a new winery from Michael Corliss, Lauri Darnielle, and Kendall Mix. Last week I wrote about the Roussanne-Viognier. This week it is the Chardonnay. When I initially opened this wine, I did not get that much from it on either the nose or the taste. Several people who tried it with me agreed. We capped the bottle, vacuum pumped it, and put it back in the fridge for four days and then re-sampled it. At this point it seemed quite different. Not quite sure what was going on there but something to keep in mind if you try it.

Let me state for the record that chardonnay is not my grape. I liked this wine quite a bit, although I wanted the palate to be a little more rounded.

As with the Roussanne-Viognier, the back of the bottle of this wine gives a description that reads: “Be it known that the holder of this premier share of wine is entitled to enjoy aromas of toasted almond, vanilla and floral notes and a rush of apple, pear and nectarine in the mouth. The maker pledges to bestow uncompromising standards of quality in creating this blend for generations to come.”







Tranche Cellars Chardonnay Columbia Gorge 2005

Pale in color. A fairly quiet nose initially with light aromas of grass, hay, and butter. Remarkably restrained and clean on the palate. Smooth and even with a touch of crisp apple. 14.8% alcohol. Sampled at 52 degrees.

Purchased at McCarthy & Schiering.