In our 2008 Reader Survey Washington Wine of the Year, two wines not yet released distinguished themselves by receiving an extraordinary number of votes. In fact, one of these wines – the 2006 William Church Bishop’s Blend – was the top vote getter receiving eighty two votes in the first heat of 27 reader-nominated wines. The second – Efeste’s 2006 Jolie Bouche Syrah – was the number two vote getter with thirty votes. Both wines were poured at Woodinville’s St. Nicholas event at the beginning of December and made a strong impression.

As these wines were not yet released, I removed them from the poll of finalists. However, to recognize the overwhelming response they received, I am giving each the “Washington Wine Report Reader Survey 2009 Wine to Watch” award. Look for these wines to be released in the March/April time frame. Click on the links below to read more about these wines.

2008 Washington Wine Report Reader Survey Wine to Watch

Winner – William Church Bishop’s Blend 2006

2nd Place – Efeste Jolie Bouche Syrah 2006