Summary of Articles for February 2023

Below is a summary of articles from February 2023. Enjoy!

Summary of Articles for January 2023

Leland Hyatt, founder of Hyatt Vineyards, dies at 85

Sparkling wines are bubbling up in Washington Part I: Appellations and varieties

Sparkling wines are bubbling up in Washington Part II: New facilities & capabilities

Will Beightol named vineyard manager at Aquilini Wines

Recommended Northwest Cabernet Franc

Kathy Shiels, founder of iconic Yakima Valley vineyard and winery, passes away at 72

How big of an issue is cork taint really?

Juan Muñoz-Oca, chief winemaker at Ste. Michelle, to leave and become chief winegrower at California’s O’Neill Vintners & Distillers

2022: Washington’s "impossible" vintage

A look at Washington’s recently approved appellations

Wine Reviews February 27th 2023

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