Some who are taking the 2023 Northwest Cabernet Franc Challenge have asked for suggestions of wines to explore. With Cabernet Franc less readily available than some of the varieties in previous challenges, I have shared my thoughts below.

Cabernet Franc comes in a variety of wine types in the Pacific Northwest. It is traditionally made as a red wine. However, there are also white wine versions (Savage GraceCategory 5Leah JørgensenJaineJackalope). There are also numerous rosés (Sleight of HandHoquetusSeven HillsLobo HillsSMAKChinook, others). There are even sparkling versions (Savage Grace, Columbia CrestEcholands).

Even in the red wines, there are a number of different styles, from somewhat lighter, brighter wines that traditionally come in bottles with tapered shoulders (such as Savage Grace, Echolands, Hoquetus) to wines made in fuller-bodied styles.

Below are a list of recommendations of wines that I’ve tried in recent vintages. These are, in almost all cases, varietally-designated red wines, except where noted. Did I miss your favorite? Feel free to tell us the wine in the comments. 

Cadence (some wine blends in some vintages) 

Côte Bonneville (rosé, red)
Fall Line (Cirque) 
J. Bookwalter (Suspense) 
Pepper Bridge (Trine, amount varies by vintage) 
Savage Grace (red, white, rosé, sparkling) 
Seven Hills (rosé) 
Sleight of Hand (Archimage, amount varies by vintage, rosé) 
SMAK (rosé) 
Soos Creek (some wines in some vintages) 
Virtue (red, rosé) 
Image by Richard Duval. 
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