The article linked below by Allecia Vermillion, my editor at Seattle Metropolitan for whom I have written since 2010, is one near to my heart. It asks a simple question: 

Where are Washington’s woman winemakers? 
It’s a legitimate question. Several years ago, I created a spreadsheet of women winemakers in Washington. I then crowdsourced to add to the list and make it as complete as possible.
The result? About what I thought. While there are many women in the Washington wine industry in various roles – co-owners, people in marketing, viticulturists, and numerous other positions – the number of women winemakers is embarrassingly small.
To give a sense of it, the number of women who are winemakers or assistant winemakers appears to be about 8% in Washington, with less than half that number having their name on the door. In contrast, women make up about one third of Oregon’s winemakers and over 20% of Idaho’s. 
Why is this? Vermillion dives into the subject. At the bottom of the article, I selected a handful of prominent women winemakers in the state.
Image: Kim Fetrow Photography Courtesy of Valdemar Estates.