Harvest is underway in Columbia Valley. Christian Grieb at Treveri Cellars reports picking Chardonnay from the winery’s estate vineyard in Yakima Valley on August 31st. The fruit, which will be used for sparkling wine, was picked at 17.1 Brix and 3.18 pH. 

“Perfect for bubbly!” says Grieb.

Grieb notes that this vintage looks about 15 days behind recent years, consistent with what other growers have reported. Treveri picked estate Chardonnay on August 12th in 2021. The winery’s first fruit most recent years has come been Hilltop Vineyard Chardonnay, picked on August 11th in 2021, August 21st in 2020, and the same date in 2019. Treveri picked Hilltop  Chardonnay on August 16th in 2018 and 2016. This information is summarized in the table below.

The image here, courtesy of Treveri, is of Grieb pouring a sabered bottle of Treveri Blanc de Blanc over the new vintage, a harvest tradition.