Bud break has begun in Columbia Valley. Sadie Drury at North Slope Management noted bud break in Syrah at Seven Hills Vineyard on March 28th. Drury also said that she has seen bud break in Cabernet Franc (pictured here), Sangiovese, and Merlot. Though Drury says bud break has currently occurred in less than 5% of buds at Seven Hills, she expects widespread bud break shortly with a series of warm days in the forecast.

2022’s bud break tracks with the historically early 2016 vintage and is a few days behind what turned out to be an extremely warm 2015 vintage. It is a few days to several weeks ahead of other recent vintages.

Meanwhile Walla Walla Vineyard Management saw bud break at Yellowhawk Vineyard in Cabernet Franc on March 29th. They also saw bud break in Sangiovese at Mission Hills Vineyard on March 31st. The latter was six days earlier than 2021. Finally, Delmas noted bud break in Grenache at SJR Vineyard in the Rocks District on April 3rd.

Let the 2022 growing season begin!

Picture courtesy of Sadie Drury, North Slope Management

Note: This post has been updated.