Wineries, please note that the Wine Enthusiast submission schedule for Washington and Oregon has changed from the schedule that was released at the beginning of the year.

In the revised schedule, reviews for Washington and Oregon will now be published in every issue of the magazine. For Washington, this realigns the schedule to how reviews have been published in recent years. For Oregon, this is a change from every other issue, as reviews have been published in the past, to every issue.

My intention in advocating for this change was to a) make the schedule easier to understand and b) decrease the time between when wines are submitted and when reviews are published as much as possible.

With this change, wineries have two options. If you wish the reviews to be targeted to a specific issue of the magazine, you may follow the 2022 Buying Guide Tasting Schedule found on the Submit for Rating page of the Wine Enthusiast website. Alternately, if you want the wines to be tasted as quickly as possible, you can ignore that schedule and simply send in the wines when they are ready for review. 

In either case, I taste on a rolling basis and wines will generally be tasted within two to four weeks of when they were received. If you have any questions, please email me using the information on the Contact page.

For consumers, this means you can expect to see my Washington and Oregon reviews in every issue of the magazine going forward. We can all raise a glass to that!