Bud break is beginning in eastern Washington. James Mantone, owner and winemaker at  Syncline Winery, noted bud break in Gamay Noir, pictured here, at the winery’s Steep Creek Ranch Vineyard in the Columbia Gorge appellation on March 27th. Mantone said this was about five to seven days earlier than in 2019.

Meanwhile Ryan Driver, vineyard manager at Tertulia Cellars, noted bud break on that same date in Syrah at the winery’s Elevation Vineyard in Walla Walla Valley. Driver said bud break occurred on April 9th in 2019 and said this is the earliest bud break he has seen at the site, which was planted in 2013. This indicates the season is off to an early start.

Let the 2020 growing season begin!

Image courtesy of Syncline Winery