The following is excerpted from the Winter 2019/2020 issue of Washington Tasting Room Magazine.

Pét-Nat wines, a record breaking number of wineries, and increased white wine production in Walla Walla Valley are among the trends impacting the local wine scene

All growing seasons are unique, but are some more unique than others? Temperatures during 2019 were closer to historical averages than they have been recently, with a notable lack of heat spikes. Come the beginning of September, the table appeared to be set for an ideal vintage. Then Mother Nature had her say.

Temperatures cooled markedly during harvest, stalling maturation. A series of rain events (unusual for desert-dry Eastern Washington) delayed things further. Finally, several frosts, one at the end of September and a larger one on successive days the second week of October, brought the growing season to an end in many areas.

At the end of the day, growers and winemakers were still pleased with the quality of fruit. But for a vintage that was looking easy in early September, everyone had to work their heart out to get to the finish line.

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Image courtesy of Washington Tasting Room Magazine.