When I announced last June that Northwest Wine Report would be partially subscription-based going forward, I paywalled wine reviews and a searchable database of reviews. I noted that my hope was to keep as much of the other content as possible freely available.

My intent in restricting a limited selection of the content was to allow as many people as possible to read about the goings on in the Pacific Northwest while still generating revenue from the site. Anytime content is paywalled, the number of people who read it, of course, goes down dramatically. I want more people reading about what is going on in Northwest wine, not fewer, as I believe that’s better for the industry.

However, I also knew that by paywalling a discrete part of the site, I put a lighter burden on people to subscribe. My hope was that enough people would subscribe to make the site viable without making people have to subscribe to read more of the content.

Many people have subscribed. To those of you who have, I am truly grateful. I could not be doing what I am doing without you, truly. However, I still need more people to subscribe to be able to continue producing content and have it be financially viable.

To try get there, going forward I will be paywalling a portion of the written content in addition to the reviews and the searchable database that have previously been paywalled. These will be articles that I select rather than any particular category or type of content.

If you find value in this site, I urge you to please subscribe if you have not already. It is truly the only way that this site will be able to continue to exist. Subscriptions cost as little as $10/month for Consumer accounts, $24 for Commercial accounts (wineries, distributors, retailers, and PR companies).

To those of you who have already subscribed, here are three things you can do to further help the site.

1. Encourage your friends who you think might be interested to subscribe.

2. Share content from this site to your social media feed.

3. Like and share content from this site’s social media pages.

As always, thank you for reading, and thank you for your support!

Northwest Wine Report is wholly subscriber funded. Please subscribe to support continued independent content and reviews on this site.

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