One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is which wineries to visit in a particular region. These questions are usually centered around people’s personal preferences for certain types of wines. Using the Wine Search functionality, available only to subscribers, these questions are easily answered by searching based on Home Region, an option available under the Advanced Filter.

Home Region is, generally speaking, where the winery or the winery’s main tasting room is located (as opposed to a satellite tasting room). The goal of the Home Region search functionality is to assist people with planning trips to wine country.

For example, if a person likes white wines and is planning a trip to Woodinville, they can search for the white wines reviewed in the last three months from wineries that have a Home Region as Woodinville.

Alternately, one could look for top scoring Syrah in the last 12 months from wineries with a Home Region Walla Walla Valley.

There are nearly limitless other possibilities.

These home regions are designed to be consistent with major organizations, specifically the Washington State Wine Commission, the Oregon Wine Board, the Idaho Wine Commission, and Wines of British Columbia. You can see a complete list of Home Regions under the menu Reviews->Rating System->Home Region.

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