The first grapes of 2019 are in the door in eastern Washington!

Sparkling wine producer Treveri Cellars picked three varieties from its estate vineyard in Yakima Valley: Chardonnay (18.1 Brix), Pinot Meunier (17.5), and Pinot Blanc (17.9). Winemaker Christian Grieb says picking will continue tomorrow, with 30 tons of Chardonnay at Hilltop Vineyard. Next Monday, August 26th, they will pick Pinot Noir at Marchant Vineyard.

Grieb reports that the Hilltop pick will be four to five days behind 2018, Marchant about six days. This is the first year that the winery has picked fruit from its estate vineyard.

Let Harvest 2019 begin!

Picture courtesy of Treveri Cellars.