Bloom has begun in eastern Washington. Brittany Komm-Sanders, senior viticulturalist and vineyard manager at Precept Wine, noted bloom starting in Chardonnay and Malbec at Skyfall Vineyard in Yakima Valley on May 24th. Komm-Sanders noted that bloom began at this site on May 22nd last year.

At Sagemoor Vineyard in the White Bluffs region of the Columbia Valley, vineyard manager Lacey Lybeck also noted bloom beginning in Chardonnay on May 24th. Lybeck said other recent vintages looked as follows:

2018: May 17th
2017: May 27th
2016: May 5th
2015: May 14th
2014: May 24th

The 2019 growing season is well underway!

Image courtesy of Sagemoor Vineyards.