Wine Advocate reviews for Washington delayed until December

Folks waiting for The Wine Advocate reviews for Washington will have to wait a while longer. Originally slated for the October 31st issue, the reviews will now be part of the December set of reviews. The delay was announced via e-mail to wineries as well as via Mark Squires' Bulletin Board. Writing about the change on the bulletin board Robert Parker stated, "I decided to push Washington state back to December, largely because the upcoming issue is exceptionally large even by our fanatical standards, and such articles don't lend themselves to being divided in two parts."

Sean P. Sullivan


  1. These reviews were not timely in years past. Even less so this year I guess.

  2. Hmm, the one criticism heard about David Schildknecht was his tendency to be late with reviews.

  3. Just cancelled my subscription. I think the Wine Advocate misses the boat on Washington wines. Until they treat it as a top priority, I will remain cancelled.


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