change in weather patterns this past week cleared out much of the smoke
that had been hanging over eastern Washington. Still, smoke does
persist in some areas. Several winemakers noted that ripening slowed
down this past week, with some wondering whether the haze from the smoke
contributed in some way.

week slowed significantly from the previous two weeks, whether due to
decreased sunlight because of smoke, lower temps, shorter days, I’m not
sure,” Ben Smith at Cadence Winery
says. Smith notes that, with the exception of Merlot, berry sizes have
been smaller than average this year. “I recorded 0.78 grams per berry
for Tapteil Cabernet Sauvignon, a record,” he says. Smith has been
sourcing fruit from this vineyard for more than a decade.

Nicolas Quille of Pacific Rim,
which dedicates itself to Riesling, also noted that ripening has slowed
and wondered whether the smoke might have played a role. “Eastern
Washington fog I guess,” Quille joked. “I think also that yields are
high which is contributing to the slower ripening.” Nicault says that he
has brought in about 20% of his total at this point and expects to be
finished around the last week of October if all goes well – about three
weeks ahead of last year. “I am seeing high acids overall – great for
Riesling,” he says.

Marie-Eve Gilla of Forgeron Cellars
agrees that the acid levels have held. “We’ve brought in lots of whites
so far and noticed that the acids are holding up more than usual. I do
not notice that so much on the reds,” Gilla says. “The flavors are
certainly there and the seeds are brown even if the stems are not always
totally lignified on the early varietals, but again I do not find the
stems 100% lignified usually on Syrah and Merlot. It is definitely a
year where yield will make a difference as the heavy cropped vineyards
seem delayed for ripening.” Gilla estimates that, as of the middle of
last week, she is 35% complete with harvest.

Newhouse at Upland Vineyard also reports seeing smaller berries at his
vineyard. “Smaller clusters and smaller berries across the board are
keeping yields naturally in check and fruit concentration high,”
Newhouse says. “Brix accumulation seemed to slow down once we got into
the second and third weeks of September. This last week we have seen
another spike but things remain steady without a sense of urgency.”
Newhouse says that he expects harvest to continue on Snipes Mountain
into the third or final week of October, weather permitting.

Looking back on the 2012 growing season, grower and winemaker Mike Wade of Fielding Hills Winery
says of his vineyard on the Wahluke Slope, “The large amount of rain we
received right after bloom was unusual. This presented a big surge in
vine growth that was a little different to handle. This resulted in not
beginning irrigation until later than normal and more cluster thinning
than normal.” Wade, who expected to pick his first fruit this past
weekend says that the sequencing of grapes is proceeding normally,
unlike the previous two years.

forecasts show October temperatures ranging from highs in the seventies
to lows in the upper thirties with no precipitation anticipated (see
forecasts by area below).

Pictures courtesy of Kaella Winery (Syrah punchdown with 20% whole cluster and juice from Sangiovese Rose’). Follow the winery on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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See monthly forecast for Yakima Valley (Sunnyside), Red Mountain (Benton City), Walla Walla, Paterson, and Mattawa.

information in the table below is aggregated from personal
correspondence with growers and winemakers, as well as information
posted on Twitter and Facebook. It is not intended to be comprehensive
but rather is intended as a snapshot of what is going on around the
state. If you wish to send data for your grapes or vineyards (or correct
any of the information below), please email me at [email protected], leave a comment here, or leave a comment on the WWR Facebook page.


Grape Vineyard Date Notes
Columbia Valley
Convergence Zone Riesling Bacchus 9/26
Ste. Michelle Riesling Lawrence 9/28 Earliest pick to date
Sonoris Viognier Gamache 9/28
Ste. Michelle Syrah Cold Creek 9/28
Flying B
Sauvignon Blanc Gamache 9/29
Ancient Lakes
Yakima Valley
Kevin White
William Church
Red Willow
Cab Franc
Art Den hoed
Red Mountain
Sonoris Merlot RMV 9/24
Cabernet Sauv Red Heaven 9/24
Sleight of Hand Merlot Blackrock 9/25
Gorman Syrah End of the Road 9/26
Liberty Lake Merlot 9/26
Col Solare Malbec Estate 9/26
Michael Florentino Counoise Ciel du Cheval 9/27
EFESTE Syrah Angela’s Vineyard 9/27
Michael Florentino Syrah Ciel du Cheval 9/27
Force Majeure Mourvedre Force Majeure 9/28
Cadence Petit Verdot Cara Mia 9/28
Michael Florentino Syrah Ciel du Cheval 9/29
Walla Walla Valley
Woodward Canyon Merlot Estate 9/25
Hestia Merlot Les Collines 9/26
Hestia Merlot Dwelley 9/26
Woodward Canyon Chardonnay Estate 9/27 West
Tranche Grenache Blue Mountain 9/27 For Rose’
Proper Syrah Estate 9/27 10 tons
Woodward Canyon Chardonnay Estate 9/28 East
Woodward Canyon Dolcetto Estate 9/28
Rasa Syrah Seven Hills 9/28
Rattlesnake Hills
Hard Row Sauvignon Blanc Lonesome Springs 9/26
Hard Row Viognier Lonesome Springs 9/26
Va Piano Syrah Portteus 9/28 First pick of year
Riesling Roza Hills 9/29
Lake Chelan
Wahluke Slope
Malbec Clifton Bluff 9/22
Merlot Clifton Bluff 9/24
Merlot Clifton Hill 9/24
Merlot Katherine Leone 9/24
Sleight of Hand Grenache Clifton Bluffs 9/25
Syrah Katherine Leone 9/25
Malbec Northridge 9/25
Syrah Northridge 9/25
Grenache Northridge 9/26
Merlot Wahluke Slope 9/26
Tempranillo Wahluke Slope 9/27
Riesling Wahluke Slope 9/27
Fielding Hills Merlot RiverBend 9/29
Cab Franc Clifton 9/29
Angel Vine Zinfandel StoneTree 9/29 Petite Sirah 10/4
Michael Florentino Primitivo StoneTree 9/29
Horse Heaven Hills
Cana’s Feast Merlot Destiny Ridge 9/24
Smasne Merlot Double Canyon 9/25
Buty Malbec Phinny Hill 9/26
Owen Roe Syrah Destiny Ridge 9/27
Snipes Mountain
Upland 9/13
Pinot Gris Upland 9/16
Chardonnay Upland 9/17
Merlot Upland 9/17
Gewurztraminer Upland 9/20
Muscat Upland 9/26
Tempranillo Upland 9/26
Aligoté Upland 9/27
Cabernet Sauv Upland 9/27
Naches Heights