On Friday August 31st, Yancy Noll was murdered at approximately 7:30pm while driving in Seattle at 15th Avenue NE where it intersects with NE 75th Street.

Yancy was a member of the wine community – serving as wine steward at the Capitol Hill QFC – and was also part of the climbing community. While I did not know Yancy, he was a friend of many people I do know and his loss is deeply felt.

The Seattle Police have released a composite sketch of the murderer based on eye witness accounts as well as a description of the car – a 2002 to 2008 silver BMW Z4 with a black interior. The more people who see this picture, know the description of the car, and know the details of this crime, the more likely it is that the person who did this will be found. Please help by sharing the link below on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media outlets. Your help could be the difference in bringing this person to justice.


Update: The Seattle Police Department arrested a suspect in the murder of Yancy Noll on Friday September 21st.