Below is a summary of posts for October 2011.

Summary of Posts for September 2011

Washington Wine Round-up September 22nd to 30th 2011

Dumas Station – Quality At Any Price

2011 Harvest Report – October 6th Edition

Washington Wine Round-up October 1st to 7th 2011

October Virtual Tasting – 2008 Rulo Syrca Red Wine

How to Sound Smart Talking About Wine

2011 Harvest Report – October 13th Edition

Fresh Sheet October 14th 2011

Washington Wine Round-up October 8th to 14th 2011

Proletariat Wine Company Brings Keg Wine to the Masses

Focusing on Initiative 1183 Part I: Volume Discounting

2011 Harvest Report – October 20th Edition

Focusing on Initiative 1183 Part II: Central Warehousing

Focusing on Initiative 1183 Part III – Miscellaneous

Washington Wine Round-up October 15th to 21st 2011

Focusing on Initiative 1183 Part IV: Safety Issues

Why I Am Voting No on Initiative 1183 (And Why You Should To)

Frost Brings Growing Season To an End for Some, Spares Others (10/27 Harvest Report)

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Recent Radio Interviews

Five Wines Under $15 – October 2011