Falling into the ‘I love the Internet’ category, the Puget Sound Business Journal has created what they describe as a “comprehensive list of Washington State wineries, listed by their licensed facilities” using information obtained from the Liquor Control Board. The information was subsequently uploaded into a Google Fusion Table and displayed as a map.

One can click on the map and get thumbnail information about specific wineries. This information includes a listing for “Gallons sold in 2010.” Take the gallon numbers with a grain of salt as these calculations are often a bit convoluted. For example, some wineries may be buying wine in bulk; a new winery may not show production for a year or more after they are licensed; a winery may have its production done at another winery; and wineries may have negative numbers due to issues with storage, racking, spillage, or spoilage. Still, these numbers are about as good as one is going to get. Also note that the locations on the map represent “licensed winemaking facilities” – not tasting rooms.

Hats off to the folks at the Puget Sound Business Journal for creating this excellent resource. See the map here. Enjoy!