Below is a summary of posts from the first six months of 2010.

January 2010

Five Under Fifteen – January

January Virtual Tasting ’07 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet

Buyer beware: Misrepresenting price and points on the shelves

Washington Wine Round-up: January 15th to 21st

Stomani Cellars (SSAW Winter 2010)

The Local Vine hosts series on Washington winemakers

January Virtual Tasting – Columbia Crest 2007 GE Cabernet

Cayuse Changes Release Weekend from November to April

Elsom Cellars (SSAW Winter 2010)

Fall Line Winery (SSAW Winter 2010)

Washington Wine Round-up: January 8th to 14th

:Nota Bene (SSAW Winter 2010)

OS Winery (SSAW Winter 2010)

Cadence Winery (SSAW Winter 2010)

South Seattle Artisan Wineries Winter 2010

Zero One Vintners Wild Sky Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Washington Wine Round-up: January 1st to 7th

Off-topic: A sad day for me. Sad times ahead for the New York Times

Tasting Note Database

Washington Wine Round-up December 22nd to 31st

Washington Wine Report Rating System

About Washington Wine Report

Goals for the New Year

February 2010

Five Under Fifteen – February

Washington Wine Round-up: February 15th to 21st

Focus Report – Kiona Winery and Vineyards

Final Update! February Virtual Tasting – Hedges CMS Red 2008

Dumas Station (WWFR 2009)

Woodward Canyon (WWFR 2009)

2009 Fall Release Weekend Walla Walla Report Summary

Taste Washington

Dowsett Family Winery Gewürztraminer Columbia Gorge

February Virtual Tasting – 2008 Hedges CMS Red

Washington Wine Round-up: February 8th to 14th

Charles Smith Royal City Syrah – A Record Breaking Wine

Cooper Wine Company

Washington Wine Round-up: February 1st to 7th

William Church 2008 Malbec Bottling Event

Laurelhurst Cellars (SSAW Winter 2010)

Falling Rain (SSAW Winter 2010)

Washington Wine Round-up: January 22nd to 31st

Sodovino (SSAW Winter 2010)

Summary of Posts for January 2010

March 2010

Washington Wine Round-up: March 15th to 21st

Corliss Estates (WWFR 2009)

Five Under Fifteen – March

Taste Washington Videos

Cayuse Vineyards (WWFR 2009)

#WAMerlot Twitter Tasting

Washington’s Mighty Malbec

Focus Report – Betz Family Winery

Traveling down the wine trail: Learning about wine through comparative tasting

K Vintners (WWFR 2009)

Trust Cellars (WWFR 2009)

Chateau Rollat (WWFR 2009)

Lodmell Cellars

El Corazon (WWFR 2009)

Washington Wine Round-up: March 8th to 14th

Guardian Cellars

March Virtual Tasting: #WAMerlot Thursday March 25

Plumb Cellars (WWFR 2009)

Washington Wine Round-up: March 1st to 7th

Too late for some Napa wineries. Too late for you?

Robison Ranch Cellars (WWFR 2009)

Retrospective: Cadence 1999 Red Wine Spring Valley Vineyard

Gramercy Cellars (WWFR 2009)

Seattle Uncorked’s Bags & Bottles March 14th

Cougar Crest (WWFR 2009)

Washington Wine Round-up: February 22nd to 28th

Riesling Taste Profile Good for Consumers, Good for Wineries

àMaurice Cellars (WWFR 2009)

Rasa Vineyards (WWFR 2009)

Summary of Posts for February 2010

National Washington Merlot Tasting March 25th

April 2010

Five Under Fifteen – April

The Seattle Wine Awards

Final Update! April Virtual Tasting – ’09 Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

10 Myths About Wineries, Social Media, and Their Interactions

Washington Wine Round-up April 15th to 21st

Drew Bledsoe Goes From Quarterback to Doubleback

San Juan Vineyards

Meet expectations? Beat expectations. Walla Walla’s Tranche Cellars

Washington Wine Round-up April 8th to 14th

Screw it! (or how I came to believe in screw caps and other alternative wine closures)

One of Washington Wines’ First Families Extends Its Reach

April Virtual Tasting – Charles Smith 2009 Kung Fu Girl Riesling

España ha llegado a Washington!

Washington Wine Round-up April 1st to 7th

The wineries are coming! The wineries are coming! Washington wineries pour in to Woodinville

Reynvaan Family Vineyards (WWFR 2009)

DeLille Cellars Harrison Hill and Chaleur Estate

Seattle Uncorked’s 9th Annual Syrah Event

Abeja (WWFR 2009)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make great wine…But it doesn’t hurt either

Washington Wine Round-up: March 22nd to 31st

Castillo de Feliciana (WWFR 2009)

Washington’s “dirty little secret” – some of our best wines come from Oregon grapes

Summary of Posts for March 2010

Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2007 (or how to spice up a Quilceda Creek release event)

May 2010

Five Under Fifteen – May

Oregon winery focuses on Washington Zinfandel

Final Update! May Virtual Tasting – Kiona 2006 Lemberger

Product Review: PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System

Washington Wine Round-up May 15th to 21st

An interesting story…lost to the sands of time?

Screw it! Part III: The Closing Argument on Alternative Closures

Calling all wine bloggers

Northstar Winery: The Tale of Two Merlots

Washington Wine Round-up May 8th to 14th

May Virtual Tasting – 2006 Kiona Lemberger

Accolades Continue for Washington Wine

More observations on the Virginia wine industry

WAWine – A National On-line Washington Wine Tasting

Washington Wine Round-up May 1st to 7th

Thinking of visiting a winery? Think again. It just might kill you.

Screw It! Part II: The experience of six Washington wineries

Washington Wine Round-up April 22nd to 30th

Don’t know Virginia makes wine? Chances are, some day you will

Blown away by/from Walla Walla Valley

Summary of Posts for April 2010

June 2010

8:00pm Update! June Virtual Tasting – 2008 Saviah Cellars The Jack

Up, up, and away! Recent Trends in the Washington Industry

Heading home from Walla Walla

WBC here we come!

Washington Wine Round-up June 15th to 21st

Ten Questions Wineries Should Ask Before Becoming Involved in Social Media

June Virtual Tasting – Saviah Cellars The Jack 2008

In search of…Washington State Pinot Noir

Washington Wine Round-up June 8th to 14th

‘Mystery wine’ washes over Washington

Walla Walla Spring Release 2010 Summary

Another shoe drops…Belltown’s Seattle Cellars announces closure

Washington Wine Round-up June 1st to 7th

All good things…One winery’s story

The Vashon Island Hum

Tasting Note Database Update

Washington Wine Round-up May 22nd to 31st

Terra Blanca Winery and Estate Vineyards

Summary of Posts for May 2010