A round-up of stories on Washington wine from November 22nd to 30th.

In our feature story this week, writing for the Seattle Times, Paul Gregutt gives his Top 100 Washington wines of 2009.

From around the country

Maryland’s Flathead Beacon writes about Walla Walla with callouts to Bergevin Lane and L’Ecole No. 41.

The Sacramento Bee writes about Columbia Crest getting the top spot on Wine Spectator’s Top 100.

Savor San Antonio recommends some Washington wines for Thanksgiving.

From the blogosphere

Steve Heimoff writes about Wine Spectator’s choice of Columbia Crest as its top wine of the year. The Wine Connoisseur also writes about this as does Northwest Food News.

Wine Library TV talks with the director of Merlove, a movie about Merlot that features a number of Washington winemakers. They check out Andrew Will’s 2006 Ciel du Cheval.

Wine Peeps contrasts the customer service experiences of Quilceda Creek and Soos Creek. They also write about Quilceda Creek’s 2005 Cabernet and Columbia Crest’s 2005 Reserve Cabernet, a trip to Woodinville, and Otis Kenyon.

Paul Gregutt writes about the Wine O’ Clock wine bar. He also recommends Malbec for Thanksgiving.

Write for Wine writes about Full Pull Wines, a Washington wine-dedicated retailer.

Decanter Banter posts a video on Hard Row to Hoe.

Wine and Beer of Washington State writes about the 20something event. They also write about a Washington wine Twitter directory.

Palate Press writes about Walla Walla incubator wineries.

WINO Magazine writes about Tasawik.

Wine Foot writes about the 20 Something event.

Woodinville Wine Update writes about Covington Cellars Winemaker Dinners. They also write about Columbia Winery’s Taste of Red and Adytum Cellars.

WAWineman checks out Waterbrook’s 2007 Melange Blanc. He also checks out Alia’s 2006 Cabernet, Alexandria Nicole’s 2008 Viognier, Vine and Sun’s 2005 Red, and Darby’s 2007 Purple Haze.

Washington Wine checks out Columbia Crest’s 2007 Sauvignon Blanc.

Through the Walla Walla Grapevine writes about Winetails.

Pepper Bridge Winery writes about the changing of seasons.

Washington Wine Guy writes about Cayuse’s 2006 Bionic Frog.

Family Wineries of Washington State write about legislative proposals for 2010.

Word is Born posts some pictures from the 20-something event.

The Tallahassee Wine Guy writes about visiting Walla Walla.

The Wine Cult writes about Cayuse’s 2006 Armada.

The Pour Fool recommends some holiday wines.

ChrisinSunnyside stops by some Yakima Valley wineries.

Nick on Wine writes about Hogue’s Genesis Cabernet.

Walla Walla Food and Wine writes about what was on the Thanksgiving table.

Chaos Leaves Town writes about a driving trip to Walla Walla.

Riding Shotgun on the Hell Express busts out some Leonetti for Thanksgiving.

Wine and Food writes about Covey Run’s Riesling.

Bigger Than Your Head writes about Kamiak’s 2007 Rock Lake Red.

From the locals

The Eastern Oregonian writes about Washington wines in Wine Spectator’s Top 100.

The Tri-city Herald writes about Walla Faces and Fat Duck combining forces.

The Bellingham Herald writes about Terra Blanca.

That’s all folks!