A brief update on December’s Virtual Tasting which takes place Monday December 21st starting at 7pm. The wine is the 2007 Brian Carter Cellars Abracadabra. Checking around the Seattle area, I noticed some shops still have the 2006 vintage on the shelves, as the 2007 was recently released. Not to worry. I will be trying both the 2006 and 2007 vintages side by side, so if you see this wine feel free to pick it up. Also, for those in the Seattle area, the winery, which is located in Woodinville, is offering 15% off the purchase of a bottle of the 2007 wine any time before December 22nd.

For people new to the Virtual Tastings, the idea is that each month I pick one wine and on a specific date, open the wine and blog and tweet about it every 20-30 minutes. I always love hearing what people think about wine, so I encourage readers to try the wine and leave comments/tweets. As I like to say, while we can’t always all be together in the same room to taste and talk about a wine, we can all be together on-line.

For people with obligations on the night of the VT, feel free to try the wine at any point and send your thoughts along. Hope you’ll join us.

Finally, feel free to send along any suggestions for next month’s wine at any point.