A look back at some of my personal favorites from the blog each month as we close out the year. Enjoy!

January saw the release of my 2008 Walla Walla Holiday Barrel Tasting Report. This one is more .pdf than post but…

February’s was a post on the importance of buying wine directly from wineries and what wineries can do to help them.

March’s was a Focus Report on Gramercy Cellars.

April’s was a story on drawing the ire of Dionysus by drinking a wine too early, in this case a 2007 Leonetti Merlot.

May’s was a look at Seattle Uncorked’s annual Syrah event.

June’s was a post on CellarTracker.

July’s was a comparison of Washington Syrah to Australian Shiraz in terms of quality and price.

August’s was a post on Cote Bonneville’s record breaking Cabernet.

September’s was a Focus Report on Kerloo and Rotie Cellars.

October’s was a look at Quilceda Creek’s 2006 Cabernets and the first post in the EAT & DRINK in the Northwest series.

November’s was a series of posts comparing Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. See Part I, II, and III (Note: The promised Part IV on final thoughts is coming next month).

December’s was the 2009 Vintage Report and a look at Cayuse Vineyards 2007 Syrahs.

Happy New Year!