From the heart of Washington wine country…

In Walla Walla for Fall Release Weekend. Day one plans include stops at Woodward Canyon, Cougar Crest, Cayuse, and Corliss Estates among others.

I arrived in town last night to a new Walla Walla experience; it was raining dirt. Yes, you read that correctly. I believe that this is caused by the annual burning of the crop land here as the smell of smoke was very much in the air. Strikingly unappealing I have to say (makes me wish I hadn’t gotten my car washed before leaving). “Here’s one reason not to move here” a friend noted. I will talk with folks around town and write more on this later (readers who live in town feel free to comment/correct). This morning is warm and partly cloudy with the Blue Mountains looking as beautiful as ever.

In addition to blog posts I will be tweeting along the way @wawinereport. Please note I also (finally) launched a Facebook page for the blog which you can follow here. See yesterday’s post for more information on Fall Release Weekend.