Retrospective - Buty Rediviva of the Stones 2003

The first of several retrospectives as we approach Vintage Walla Walla weekend.

Buty Winery is located in the airport region of Walla Walla. Caleb and Nina Foster founded the winery in 2000, and the winery receives is name from Nina’s surname. Rediviva of the Stones is a Syrah-Cabernet blend. The fruit for the 2003 vintages comes from the cobblestone riverbed of Cailloux Vineyard.







Buty Rediviva of the Stones Walla Walla Valley 2003

Tar, violets, and blackberry mark a complex, compelling nose. A gigantic blackberry bomb on the taste. As it opens up, earth and dried cranberry come to the fore. A dense, almost syrupy mouth feel with an expansive mid-palate. An extended finish caps it all off. 78% Syrah; 22% Cabernet. Caillioux Vineyard. 14.1% alcohol. 238 cases produced.


Sean P. Sullivan

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  1. Sean,
    Buty has always been one of my favorite Washignton wineries. I was introduced to the 2002 Rediviva of the Stones on my first Walla walla trip back in 2004 and have been a fan ever since. Haven't had the 03 in the last year so after your note, I'll pop one soon! Have you tried the 06 RotS?

  2. WWG, I did get to try the new release of the Rediviva on Spring Release weekend. I'm woefully behind on my writeup of the event at the moment but am hoping to get it out later this month. Overall, the 2006 vintage seemed very young and tight at the moment so it was a bit hard to evaluate. Pours at Buty on event weekends are always super short as well which doesn't help. I'll let you know when I crack a bottle but for the moment I would say let it sit in the bottle for a good six months before opening. Even then it will most likely need a lot of decanting.


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