In search of...value Washington syrah

Over the weekend Paul Gregutt put a post on his blog (which if you are not reading you should be) about why Washington syrah doesn't sell particularly well. One of the reasons, which I agree with, is that there are not very many good Washington syrahs in the value category. There are many exceptional wines at $30 and over but not many for less than that as far as I have seen.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to prove this hypothesis wrong. So...

1. Tell me what you think are good Washington syrahs that are $15 and under. I will start the bidding with:

2. Tell me what you think are good Washington syrahs that are $30 and under. Here I will spot you (the list is obviously bigger but so is the price point):

3. Give data that Washington syrah does sell particularly well just to throw the whole thing out the window

4. Give data that there are not quality syrahs at this price point outside of Washington either

This message will self destruct in five seconds...

Sean P. Sullivan

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  1. In the under $15 category, I've really enjoyed the Barnard Griffin syrah. I used to like Columbia's syrah, but haven't been as happy with the vintage currently available as I was with earlier vintages.

  2. I'll play!

    Boomtown: $15
    McCrea Columbia Valley: $25
    Dusted Valley Stained Tooth: $26
    Ross Andrew Boushey Vineyard: $28
    Dusted Valley Walla Walla Valley: $28
    Trust Cellars: $28
    Waters Columbia Valley (Minick Vineyard): $30

  3. Paul, good list! Just tried the Dusted Valley wines at Vintage WW. Good stuff. Haven't tried the Ross Andrew. A Boushey at $28?!? I'll have to seek it out. Forgot McCrea had a syrah in that price range. Good call on Waters.

    Katie, I agree on the Barnard Griffin. I'll have this wine on my list of Five Under Fifteen this month. A bit more oak than I like personally but a well done wine.

    Keep them coming folks!

  4. Sean,
    As you know, we are huge fans of Washington Syrah and have had quite a few in all price points. In addition to the ones you mentioned, here are some of the best we've had in these value categories:

    Columbia Crest Two Vines Shiraz, $7
    Giant Wine Co. Sinner's Punch 2006 (90% Syrah), $14

    Snoqualmie Reserve Syrah 2004, $17
    Columbia Crest Reserve Syrah 2006, $20
    Syncline Columbia Valley Syrah 2006, $22
    Dusted Valley Stained Tooth Syrah 2006, $24
    Gilbert Syrah 2005 and 2006, $25
    Darby The Dark Side Syrah Walla Walla Valley 2006, $25
    William Church Yakima Valley Syrah 2006, $25
    Chateau Ste Michelle Ethos Syrah 2004, $26
    Watermill Reserve Syrah Walla Walla Valley 2005, $28
    Stephenson Syrah 2005 and 2006, $28
    Basel Cellars Syrah 2005, $28

  5. Kori,

    Great list! I had completely forgotten about the Sinner's Punch. Good call. I have actually never tried the Two Vines Shiraz somehow so will check it out. I have yet to check out the Watermill wines either but need to get there next time I am in Seattle. Thanks for your recent post on them to keep my interest piqued!


  6. read your post , great info, posted it on mine
    thanks wanted to pass it on

  7. The Boom Boom Syrah for under $15 is a steal.

    My favorite for under $30 is the K Mildbrandt

  8. Doug, thanks for the thoughts. I agree that those are both excellent wines for the money.


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