Two weeks back I wrote about Tranche Cellars, the new venture from Michael Corliss, Lauri Darnielle, and Kendall Mix. Since that time the winery has released its wines and gotten a website up, although the site functions only as a registration list much as with the Corliss Estates’ website. I have been waiting for some true white wine weather to give these wines a try. While I thought I might have to wait until the 5th of July, finally, it is upon us.

We’ll start with the 2007 Rousanne-Viognier. The front label reads “E PLURIBUS ENUM” on the bottom and appears to have a printed bottled-on date of 06092008. The back of the bottle irreverently reads: “Be it known that the holder of this premier share of wine is entitled to enjoy aromas of floral, orange blossom, lemon and hints of caramel and butterscotch and flavors of honey, melon and apricot. The maker pledges to bestow uncompromising standards of quality in creating this blend for generations to come.”

Forgive the artwork. As you can surmise, it is my own. Also, I always gave Roussanne two S’s and two N’s. Perhaps the French spelling?

Without further ado…







Tranche Cellars Rousanne Viognier Columbia Valley 2007

Pale gold with a slight greenish tint. Aromas redolent with freshly cut apples, mineral, spice notes, and occasional exotic fruit. Round and textured on the palate with generous amounts of oak – although by no means excessive – and white peach. The finish hangs, lingers, and shows lots of movement. 66% Rousanne, 33% Viognier. 13.7% alcohol.