I have noticed in wine stores lately a fair number of slightly older vintage wines making their way on to the shelves. Some 2001 and 2002s instead of the usual 2005 and 2006s. Most of these wines have also been heavily discounted. I am not sure what to make of this. Are the wineries clearing out some stock to generate cash or to make more room for newer wines? Have distributors been sitting on them and are now blowing them out? Are the wineries doing better and therefore able to sit on wine longer before releasing it? Who knows, but it is to our benefit as it is always a joy to drink a wine that has some age on it.

The latest is Townshend Cellars 2001 Columbia Valley Cabernet. Townshend Cellars is the work of Don Townshend and family. The winery is located in Spokane in eastern Washington. Townshend began making wine in 1998 with a Cabernet and Merlot. The winery currently makes over 10,000 cases per year and has a lineup of over twenty wines.

I enjoyed this wine quite a bit and it is an excellent wine at a sale price of under $20. It is a big, tannin driven, well-made Cabernet.







Townshend Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2001

Lots and lots of black cherry along with earth and black pepper on a pleasing nose. On the taste the wine is well put together but a bit tannic and quite puckering. Lots of life left on it. After letting the wine sit overnight, interesting it showed dead on Tabasco sauce. 84% Cabernet; 9% Cab Franc; 7% Merlot. 13.8% alcohol. Purchase at Pete’s Seattle for $17. Recommended