The clock is counting down to submit your 2008 Washington Wines of the Year. I am extending the time for submissions until the end of the day Saturday. After this the survey for readers to select their top wine will begin. Post your comment with your top 5 wines before the end of the day Saturday.

Submissions so far include:


1. 2005 Betz Family Le Parrain

2. 2005 Chateau Rollat Edouard de Rollat

3. 2005 Abeja Cabernet Reserve

4. 2006 Owen Roe DuBrul Vineyard Merlot

5. 2005 Fielding Hills Wahluke Slope Syrah

Margot from Write for wine:

2003 Darighe

2004 Dussek Cab Sauv

2005 Estate Cabernet Sauv, Gilbert Cellars

2006 “Jolie Bouche” Syrah, Efeste

2006 Destiny, Alexandria Nicole

2005 Limited Edition Cab Sauv, Page Cellars

2005 Tre Fanciulli, JM Cellars

2006 Cab Sauv, Columbia Valley, Fall Line Winery

2006 Bishop’s Blend, William Church

2006 Black Tongue Syrah, Stevens Winery

2003 Vinfinity, Forgeron Cellars

2004 Camille, Nicholas Cole Cellars


2005 Woodward Canyon Old Vines Cab Sav

2005 Nodland Cellars Private Blend

2004 JLS Spofford Station syrah

2005 Forgeron Cellars Zinfandel

2005 Fielding Hills Cab Sav