:Nota Bene Cellars is located in South Seattle and is the work of Tim Narby and Carol Bryant. :Nota Bene’s wines show a consistent style – lighter in body and color and more European than New World. These wines call out to be consumed with food. Each wine teeters on the edge of good to great. In past years, the Ciel du Cheval – my favorite of this vintage – has been one of the few wines from this Red Mountain vineyard under $30. Alas, while it is still one of the few under $40, it has crept up in price.







:Nota Bene Syrah Washington State 2005

Fairly light in color, the nose is of this wine is marked by pencil shavings, nuts, and smoked wood. This is a nice, medium bodied wine with good structure. The wine opens up over time. Pencil shavings on chocolate on the back end of the wine.

75% Syrah; 25% Grenache. 15.15% alcohol. 280 cases produced.



:Nota Bene Abbinare Washington State 2005

An engaging nose with earth and black pepper. The wine is fairly light in color and light-bodied. A bit thin on the mid-palate. 45% Merlot; 33% Cabernet; 11% Cab Franc; 11% Malbec. 14.8% alcohol. 225 cases produced.



:Nota Bene Conner Lee Vineyard Columbia Valley 2005

Nut, spice, and dark chocolate on the nose, as well as hints of pencil shavings. An expressive front end that drops off a little in the middle but then sails. A very well made wine. 57% Merlot; 43% Cabernet. 14.45% alcohol. 175 cases produced.



:Nota Bene Ciel du Cheval Vineyard Red Mountain 2005

Lots of chocolate, light spice, and floral notes. Pleasing tannins in, again, a fairly light bodied wine. 38% Cabernet; 37% Merlot; 25% Cab Franc. 14.65% alcohol. 200 cases produced.