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Okay folks, Thanksgiving is right around the corner so its time for some holiday recommendations. Below are some wines you might want to consider. I used the following criteria: only light reds and whites were considered – definitely stay away from the oak monsters during dinner; I tried to stay under $25 given that a) the economy is bad and b) it is just family after all.

Yellow Hawk Sangiovese 2004 $19 (NOTE: link opens .pdf)

Where: City Cellars, Pete’s Bellevue, Esquin

Cougar Crest Grenache Rose 2007$18

Where: Winery

L’Ecole No. 41 Luminesce 2007$19

Where: Esquin

Novelty Hill Roussanne 2006 $20

Where: Pete’s Bellevue, Esquin

For those with a lot of friends coming over, consider these guzzlers:

Yellow Hawk Red Barn Red 2006 $14

Where: City Cellars, West Seattle Cellars

Washington Hills Rainier Red NV $8

Where: Pete’s, Safeway

Please note, these wines were at these locations recently but may not still be there now. Call ahead if you want to make sure. They also may be available at other locations (leave if a comment if you are aware of some).

Leave a comment if you have wines you recommend.