Few winemakers in Washington are as heralded as Andrew Will’s Chris Camarda. And with good reason. Camarda makes intense, complex wines from some of the states finest vineyards. After originally producing a dazzling array of single vineyard, single varietal wines in the early part of the decade, Camarda has settled into creating vineyard specific blends that showcase the vineyard’s terroir.

Alas, most of Andrew Will’s wines are made to be laid down for extended periods before consumption, so you will have to be patient if you pick up a bottle or two.

Camarda makes the first wine listed below for Seattle-area wine store McCarthy and Schiering from declassified barrels. It is 40% Cabernet from Ciel du Cheval vineyard, 40% Cabernet, and 20% Cab Franc from Blondes. At $23, if you live in Seattle, you can’t afford not to. The wine gives a good indication of the winery’s style at less than half the normal price point.







McCarthy and Schiering Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2006

Pencil shavings, dried fruit, floral notes and a very light smokiness mark the nose. On the taste, the wine is very smooth and plush with lots of cranberry on the finish. 80% Cabernet; 20% Cab Franc. 14.1% alcohol.



Andrew Will Two Blondes Vineyard Red Wine 2006

Cedar, black currant, sweet spices, and light anise notes on a fairly restrained nose. The taste is plush and full with incredibly smooth tannins. Black fruit and dried fruit on a super long finish. Give this wine two to three years in the bottle before drinking. 14.2% alcohol.



Andrew Will Champoux Vineyard Red Wine 2006

A light almost elusive nose with pencil shavings, ink, floral notes, and an almost syrupy component. Gripping tannins on a taste that packs a punch. Give this wine 3-4 years in the bottle minimum before consuming. 14.1% alcohol.



Andrew Will Annie Camarda Syrah 2005

An expressive nose with spice and blue and black fruit. An elegant wine that is soft and smooth but lets up a bit in the middle. Give two to three years additional bottle aging. 14.6% alcohol.