Syzygy is a term for the moment of alignment between three celestial bodies, such as the earth, moon, and sun. The name reflects winemaker Zach Brettler’s long interest in astronomy.

Syzygy’s wines are always rich and intense. The Red Wine in particular is consistently an excellent value. This year, Syzygy has added a new wine “Saros” to their lineup. Saros, and the related Saros numbers, again reflect Brettler’s interest in astronomy. The Saros 134 2005 wine is a fascinating blend of tempranillo – a grape that doesn’t make its way in to many Washington wines – Malbec, and cabernet.

Syzygy wines can be somewhat difficult to find as they are self-distributed. In Seattle, both West Seattle Cellars and McCarthy and Schiering carry their wines. Other stores and restaurants that sell their wine can be found here. Otherwise, ordering from the winery is probably your best option.







Syzygy Saros 134 2005

A good nose with vanilla, white pepper, and spice. Up front on the palate and then settles down and sails. 44% Tempranillo; 44% Malbec; 12% Cabernet.



Syzygy Red Wine 2006

A beautifully smooth with with blueberry and huckleberry on the taste. The nose is marked by white pepper, blueberry, and toast.